Chiamaka Umeh
Apr 11, 2022 ⋅ 6 min read

Pagination and infinite scroll with React Query v3

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6 Replies to "Pagination and infinite scroll with React Query v3"

  1. Hello, well i would like to point a potential problem for this code.
    const {
    } = useInfiniteQuery([‘colors’], fetchUsers, {
    getNextPageParam: (lastPage, pages) => {
    return lastPage.info.page + 1
    When you get the lastPage.info.page + 1 the react-query will never understand when the pages has come to an end, so to fix this you need to put a nextPage that says if theres a next page like has been done on react-query documentation https://github.com/TanStack/query/blob/main/examples/load-more-infinite-scroll/pages/index.js

  2. Hi,

    FYI – looking at your code you’re calling the fetchNextPage like this:

    Load More

    However based on the documentation, this should be avoided instead the callback should be passed like this:

    fetchNextPage()}>Load More

    You can read about it here: https://tanstack.com/query/v4/docs/guides/infinite-queries?from=reactQueryV3&original=https://react-query-v3.tanstack.com/guides/infinite-queries

    Quote from the docs:
    “Note: It’s very important you do not call fetchNextPage with arguments unless you want them to override the pageParam data returned from the getNextPageParam function. e.g. Do not do this: as this would send the onClick event to the fetchNextPage function.”

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