Yan Sun
Feb 8, 2022 ⋅ 7 min read

Investigating the Angular typed form RFC prototype

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2 Replies to "Investigating the Angular typed form RFC prototype"

  1. Thanks for this awesome blog post. It really touches on a lot of the most interesting issues.

    I want to comment on this in particular: “the Angular team only gave a formal acknowledgement of the issue three and half years after it was opened. I don’t want to speculate about why it took so long for the Angular team to respond”

    In the past, we had a really large backlog. I think that landing Ivy required so much investment that the issue tracker slipped away from us. We’re in a much better place today regarding responding to issues and clearing the backlog.

    One other thing — a new prototype is now available on the `next` channel (`14.0-next.12` or later!), so feel free to try it out!

    1. Hey Dylan,
      Thanks for the explanation. Again, great work for delivering this feature.
      Will definitely try out the new prototype.

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