Peter Ekene Eze
Oct 29, 2019 ⋅ 4 min read

How to handle async side effects in 2019

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One Reply to "How to handle async side effects in 2019"

  1. Peter, very interesting article! I will need to check out the technologies you mentioned that I’m not already familiar with.

    Given your great knowledge on this subject matter, may I ask for your advice? I’ve successfully built several React modules with functional components which make all async calls from within a useEffect. I’ve done it this way because this is what the official documentation & all articles I’ve read say should be done. A new colleague feels that there’s nothing wrong with making all async GET calls (ex. axios.get) from within, say, a button event handler. I don’t have a solid technical explanation to give him as to why this approach could lead to problems. Might you?

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