Ovie Okeh
Jan 24, 2022 ⋅ 7 min read

How to create and deploy a BEP-20 token to the Binance smart chain

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10 Replies to "How to create and deploy a BEP-20 token to the Binance smart chain"

  1. Hello,

    Thanks for the great tutorial! However I run into a problem; when I compile I get an error message relating to this line:

    function transferFrom(address _from, address _to, uint256 _value)
    public returns (bool success) {
    uint256 senderBalance = balanceOf[msg.sender];
    uint256 fromAllowance = allowance\[_from\][msg.sender]; // this is the line ****
    uint256 receiverBalance = balanceOf[_to];

    The error reads:
    ParseError: Expected ‘;’ but got ‘ILLEGAL’
    –> contracts/OZOToken.sol:51:42:
    51 | uint256 fromAllowance = allowance\[_from\][msg.sender];
    | ^

    Could you please help?

  2. thanks for the useful post. however my wallet show 0.000000001 as a balance, instead of 1000000000. Can you explain me why?

  3. Hi, I’m a beginner, so I wanted to make my own token. I succeeded, then I added liquidity to the pacage and after that I wanted to withdraw it to increase my credit and because ten dollars was not enough. I couldn’t rewoke via pancake, so I did it via Dogeswap. Did it work but my coins didn’t arrive and ended up somewhere else (WBN)? Please help. My wallet is
    and my token 0xcecdb0b806b52ab5af4ac55c6113c759b43aa905

    Here it happened: 0xa3Ea82e5b1041070AFcBa051dB15AfA9A42078d2, my cake lp (WBN) was gone from my wallet.

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