Mohd Hafiz
Oct 11, 2021 ⋅ 10 min read

Getting started with RealmSwift

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2 Replies to "Getting started with RealmSwift"

  1. This article is full of potential, but it is also full of errors. I am not through the exercise yet, but this is what I have discovered so far.
    1. no need to import Combine for your ViewModel, importing of SwiftUI is fine.
    2. You incorrectly use updatedAt instead of complertedAt when you set up your observer
    3. You fail to ever code the button action in TaskRowView or pass in the EnvironmentObject
    This is really not great so I would recommend that you proof read our article before posting or ask someone else to review as there is a lot of interest in Realm for SwiftUI and your exercise has a lot of potential but I fear that it will turn a lot of people off because it is impossible to complete the project given what you have presented

    1. Hi Stewart,

      Thank you for the great feedbacks. I have made corrections as per you suggestion. However, for #1 I think it is better to use Combine since the component of SwiftUI not using in the view model.

      Again Thanks!

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