Deborah Emeni
Jul 10, 2023 ⋅ 6 min read

Configuring Apache for Node.js

Deborah Emeni I'm a software developer and technical writer who specializes in Node.js and JavaScript.

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11 Replies to "Configuring Apache for Node.js"

  1. In your last step you say to visit localhost:3000 but apache listens to port 80, so you’re not using apache at all in the end? You should visit “localhost:80”

    1. If I got your question correct, running ‘npm start’ will autostart npm after reboot due to the nodemon package installed.

  2. Nice article as usual. However, I would like to bring in an edit at the Testing configuration section. To check if the configuration works, then pointing to localhost (not localhost:3000) again on the browser should no longer show the default apache page but should now redirect to the postman documentation as directed in the controller. I think that’s s better way to distinguish between the configuration before Apache is configured and after configuration. Localhost is now redirecting because requests through port 80 are being redirected to the root of the node application running on port 3000. Usually you also want to ensure that direct access to port 3000 is no longer possible as a firewall rule.

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