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Building an app with Electron and Vue

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4 Replies to "Building an app with Electron and Vue"

    1. In vue.config.js file:

      const { defineConfig } = require(‘@vue/cli-service’)
      module.exports = defineConfig({
      transpileDependencies: true,
      pluginOptions: {
      electronBuilder: {
      preload: ‘src/preload.js’,
      // Or, for multiple preload files:
      // preload: { preload: ‘src/preload.js’, otherPreload: ‘src/preload2.js’ }

  1. Hello, i just followed this tutorial. Everything worked perfectly. But the build command isn’t working.
    this is the error i’m getting

    Get “https://github.com/electron/electron/releases/download/v13.6.9/electron-v13.6.9-win32-x64.zip”: proxyconnect tcp: dial tcp :0: connectex: The requested address is not valid in its context.

    Although i’ve search online and i haven’t seen any solution yet. Please can you help me out

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