Nosa Obaseki
Aug 7, 2018 ⋅ 4 min read

Building a long-press directive in Vue

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5 Replies to "Building a long-press directive in Vue"

  1. Thanks for this well written post. I have a long-press button (a push-to-talk application that keeps the mic on only while the button is being held down) and it’s working fine, but one of the beta testers kept moving the mouse while holding it down so the mouse-up event often didn’t fire on the button itself but on a different component. Is that common and is there a workaround that could call a method on the longpress component even if the mouse-up occurs elsewhere on the page? (The component maintains its state so if it’s not in the “recording” state, that would be a no-op.)

  2. Thank you for the post. When I handle the longpress event, it is getting triggered continuously as soon as I launch the app. Any idea what I am missing?

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