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Feb 25, 2022 ⋅ 5 min read

Build a privacy-focused comments section on your Next.js blog

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5 Replies to "Build a privacy-focused comments section on your Next.js blog"

  1. I really tried but couldn’t get this code working with Nextjs. Nothing shows up on the page – just an empty div. I can’t see how communication with Google auth can occur when `remark123` (i.e. site id) is not included anywhere in Google console. Also, you’re running a server locally, but how do things work once you deploy i.e. with Vercel?

  2. I’m using a similar but somewhat different method, and my async await fetch() works quite well because I’m using a strapi backend to deliver material via get requests. HTML is the original format. A lot of embedded media, including photographs, Spotify playlists, Google Maps, YouTube embeds, and other items, are present on my personal blog, therefore I wanted to swap out the iframe tags for more appropriate elements. I notice some from React, but I obviously can’t utilize those since they employ server side components. I could use “use client” to generate client-side components, but I’m not completely sure how. Similarly, I’m having some difficulty getting nextjs to switch out the image> component for the Image /> component. geometry dash was my test subject, but it didn’t seem to work, therefore I must be doing something incorrectly. Despite reading the nextjs13 manual, I still don’t have the necessary knowledge to execute it correctly.

  3. A great solution is Run 3 , a commenting engine that gives you the control so you can host the comments section on your own server.

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