Marie Starck
Jun 6, 2022 ⋅ 13 min read

Build an ecommerce app with Next.js and Shopify

Marie Starck Marie Starck is a fullstack software developer. Her specialty is JavaScript frameworks. In a perfect world, she would work for chocolate. Find her on Twitter @MStarckJS.

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2 Replies to "Build an ecommerce app with Next.js and Shopify"

  1. Great write up and a straight forward tutorial!

    What would you say is the main benefit of creating an ecommerce store this way rather than using shopify natively?

    1. Hey Kmz! Thank you and glad you liked it.

      Honestly, anyone starting out their online shop will be very pleased with Shopify natively. Where headless Shopify will be helpful is when it comes to scaling or customization.

      Shopify actually has a good article with some examples of headless commerce: https://www.shopify.com/enterprise/headless-commerce-examples and they highlight some interesting benefits.

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