Fimber Elemuwa
Nov 2, 2023 ⋅ 7 min read

Best text editors for React

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5 Replies to "Best text editors for React"

  1. Draft.js is in maintenance mode and would be a waste of time to invest time into. You should use the predecessor lexical.js instead.

    1. Lexical.js is a great option, just like the other options on the list, but Draft.js still deserves to be here. Given that it’s being maintained by Meta, I’m assuming they’re going to come out of maintenance mode pretty soon.

  2. Surprised the price of TinyMCE isn’t mentioned. It does have a free version, but its limited to 1000 loads per month – so you’ll likely need to deal with API keys and additional config vs the freeware ones that don’t require check-ins with another service to function.

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