Leah Campbell

  https://www.leahscampbell.com/ Leah is a Director of Product with 7+ years of experience in B2B SaaS companies. With an education in history and political science, she has an unwavering ability to synthesize data, analyze industry trends, and evolve positioning. When not creating PM content, she is reading, writing, making fiber art, and watching horror movies with her husband and pets.


3 Stories by Leah Campbell

A guide to the customer discovery process

Successful products are built because someone used customer discovery first to understand market needs and pain points and develop their solution around them.
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What is project governance? How to effectively oversee projects

Project governance is nothing without input from product managers. To stay truly agile, your product processes and actions should always be reviewed and improved.
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How to conduct informative after action reviews (AARs)

AARs can transform a reactionary company into a proactive one by allowing teams to learn and understand how their decisions and actions impact the...
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