Lawrence Eagles

  Senior full-stack developer, writer, and instructor.


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Understanding JavaScript decorators

Learn about JavaScript's function decorators and class decorators as well as how you can create clean and reusable decorators.
1 5 min read

A deep dive into CSS Module

Avoid CSS issues like name collision and dependency management with CSS Module, a CSS file in which all class names are scoped locally by...
1 5 min read

Building React Native applications with Styled System

Built a React Native application using styled-components and Styled System, a utility-first styling library that works in tandem with CSS-in-JS libraries.
0 5 min read

Building custom Node.js event emitters

There are two different types of events in Node.js. Learn more about them here as well as how to build custom event emitters.
1 6 min read

How to build a custom grid with SASS

There are several ways to build a custom grid in CSS. This tutorial demonstrates how to create one using the CSS float property.
2 9 min read

What’s new in React Query 3

Here, you can learn what React Query is and what new features have been added in its latest iteration: React Query 3.
0 6 min read

How to use Rockpack

Here, you can learn about the React tool Rockpack, its architecture, its modules, and why it’s needed.
0 5 min read

Guess.js and Gatsby site optimization

This article will explain how to integrate Guess.js into a Gatsby site to increase site efficiency and improve UX.
1 4 min read

Advanced React Hooks: Creating custom reusable Hooks

In this article, you can learn the practical applications of reusable React Hooks. After reading, you should be able to create your own advanced...
3 4 min read

A guide to classic static blocks in JavaScript

Here, you can learn about the syntax and semantics of classic static blocks in JavaScript, which make object-oriented programming more powerful.
0 3 min read

Debugging React applications with the React Profiler API and the Profiler DevTool

There are several tools to measure performance optimization in React, learn more about the React Profiler DevTool and the React Profiler API in this...
0 7 min read

What’s new in create-react-app 4.0.0

Create React App 4.0.0 is a major release and it comes with some awesome features. Learn more about the new features and notable changes.
0 4 min read