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What is the Start, Stop, Continue retrospective?

The Start, Stop, Continue retrospective is one of the many retrospectives out there. What makes it unique, however, is its direct approach.
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A guide to improving the customer experience

The customer experience entails the holistic experience that a user has with your product, until they solve their specific use case.
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What is CSAT? A guide to measuring customer satisfaction

The customer satisfaction score (CSAT) is a quantitative measure of how satisfied the customer is with using the product.
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How to apply the iterative process

The iterative process involves building out a new feature or function for the product one step at a time to maximize resources.
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How to reap the benefits of chaos engineering

Chaos engineering is an approach to testing where hypothetical failures are intentionally introduced to see how your product responds.
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A guide to running management meetings

Management meetings are a regularly occurring meeting between company leaders for a variety of different top-level reasons.
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How to use the tiger team approach

A tiger team consists of a group of experts from various fields who collaborate together to solve a specific, pertinent, or prioritized problem.
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What is an agile release train (ART)?

Teams built on the principles of ART work collaboratively on defining the problem they want to tackle and the solution to be delivered.
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Statement of work: What it is and how to write one

A statement of work should be clear on communicating the type of problem that needs to be solved and the time and money required...
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What is rapid prototyping for product development?

Because you get customer feedback from every incremental improvement made to the prototype, rapid prototyping gives a nice balance of efficiency, speed, and urgency.
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What is a change control process? Steps and template

PMs need to put methods, frameworks, and systems in place that minimize the adverse impact and maximize the potential of the changes, and a...
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How to write a problem statement: Template and examples

As a PM, you and your team likely will face many different customer pain points, needs, and opportunities. It helps to have a well-structured,...
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