Bekhruz Tuychiev

  I am a data science content writer, spilling every bit of knowledge I have through a series of blog posts, articles, and tutorials. Trying to fulfill my never-satisfied desire of teaching AI and data science to as many people as possible.


4 Stories by Bekhruz Tuychiev

Build a Python web crawler from scratch

In this tutorial, you’ll learn about web crawling via a simple online store and how to build a Python web crawler from scratch.
0 6 min read

Data visualization with Python Dash

Dash makes it a breeze to create and share your data analysis through interactive dashboards using only Python code.
0 7 min read

Mastering data visualization in Python with Matplotlib

In this tutorial, we'll give a solid introduction to the object-oriented interface of Matplotlib and how to visualize data in Python.
0 7 min read

Data visualization in Python using Seaborn

The majority of data visuals are created with Python and its libraries: Seaborn and Matplotlib. Learn how to visualize data using Seaborn here.
0 10 min read