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Ali Bahraminezhad
Apr 21, 2021 ⋅ 4 min read

Why you shouldn’t compare Blazor to other JavaScript SPA frameworks

Ali Bahraminezhad A technology enthusiast and Senior Software Developer at Effectory.

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6 Replies to "Why you shouldn’t compare Blazor to other JavaScript SPA frameworks"

  1. Completely disagree with WASM being the future. I think it’s the future for performance critical apps, sure, but it won’t replace javascript. Javascript is much easier to learn than C#, has a much bigger community already, and as you say, already runs natively in the browser.

  2. Sure. But to say “Blazor can run on WebAssembly or the server. It’s also the first and only commercially supported frontend framework that utilizes WebAssembly” is not accurate. Uno Platform, which also uses C#, Wasm and dotnet had used it ahead of Blazor , especially on client side. http://Www.platform.uno

  3. Scripting instead of compiled assemblies. Dynamically typed code instead of strongly typed code. JavaScript has made huge strides to get closer and closer to all those benefits you get as we get closer to compiling to WASM. Keep going JavaScript, maybe we’ll be able to compile JavaScript to WASM in the future too.

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