Nwose Lotanna
May 20, 2022 ⋅ 6 min read

Vue form input validation using watchers

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5 Replies to "Vue form input validation using watchers"

  1. Pretty misleading article title. Why is there no validateEmail function that actually validates the user input

  2. No this falls way short of covering the bases for validation. What happens if you don’t give the textbox focus? Your model relies on a user actually touching the textbox. Also why show your validation errors before a user has a chance to enter the text?

  3. Wouldn’t this create a loop.. your setting the email value with v-model=”email” then the watcher gets triggered in which you are updating this.email again… which triggers the watcher again and again and again and again etc..

  4. There is no submit button, once you add that, even if your fields are empty the button event is triggered and all your validation is useless.

  5. Dear All, i want to validate ‘Email’ and ‘ConfirmEmail’ using Vuelidate2.0 , can someone please help me with this.

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