Popoola Temitope
Sep 1, 2022 ⋅ 8 min read

Using webpack with TypeScript

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4 Replies to "Using webpack with TypeScript"

  1. Thanks for a great article. I tried to follow this tutorial step-by-steps and discovered several issues with it:

    1. In “Setting up webpack and TypeScript” section you forgot to include ‘npm install webpack-dev-server’ command. You need to install this package either globally or locally, otherwise ‘develop’ script won’t work:

    “scripts”: {
    “develop”: “webpack-dev-server –mode development”,


    2. Speaking about npm scripts, in “Package configuration” section there is an inconsistency in naming the script options: “start”: “webpack-dev-server –mode development”, should be changed for ‘develop’
    3. In ‘Package configuration’ section you need to fix the names of the inputs otherwise your app won’t work (compare to the input names in html template):

    function submitHandler(e: Event) {

    const num1 = document.querySelector(“input[name=’a’]”) as HTMLInputElement;
    const num2 = document.querySelector(“input[name=’b’]”) as HTMLInputElement;


    4. In ‘Bundling CSS with `MiniCSSExtractPlugin` an actual npm command should be `npm install –save-dev mini-css-extract-plugin` (otherwise you are installing css minimiser plugin twice)

    By enabling this fixes I was able to complete your tutorial. I hope this helps and again thanks for your efforts!

  2. Hello everyone, for me to import css file in index.ts file just worked as follows: import ‘./main.css’ and not as your code: import styles “./index.css”. I hope this can help other people. and thanks for the tutorial.

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