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Rob O'Leary
Apr 18, 2024 ⋅ 9 min read

Using Prettier and ESLint for JavaScript formatting

Rob O'Leary Rob is a solution architect, fullstack developer, technical writer, and educator. He is an active participant in non-profit organizations supporting the underprivileged and promoting equality. He is travel-obsessed (one bug he cannot fix). You can find him at roboleary.net.

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6 Replies to "Using Prettier and ESLint for JavaScript formatting"

  1. thanks for sharing . Help me solve the problem that the vue file cannot be automatically formatted after saving

  2. Hi,thanks for sharing in detailed,But still iam facing overriding issue of prettier with eslint

  3. Hi Rob,

    this is a rare and great article. Well done, thank you for that.
    There is just one detail in your article that makes me wonder, and it’s not explained anywhere:
    Why do you suggest using the `–save-exact` option for installing prettier?

    Cheers, Roman.

  4. Prettier makes code terrible because it doesn’t have fine tuning rules. It’s like repairing a smartphone with an axe.
    It is enough to have a well-tuned linter and direct hands to make your code perfect.

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