Babel Vs. TypeScript: Choosing The Right Compiler For Your Project

Babel vs. TypeScript: Choosing the right compiler for your project

See how the two JavaScript compilers Babel and TypeScript compare through criteria such as performance, custom transformations, and more.
Gustav Wengel
9 min read
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Migrating to SWC: A brief overview

SWC is faster than webpack and Babel. If you've already bootstrapped your project with those tools, here's how you can to...
Lorenz WeiƟ
3 min read

The best webpack configurations for React applications

If you've struggled to configure webpack for your React app, look no further. We cover both generic and specific config needs.
Adewale Abati
12 min read
Why You Don't Need Babel

Why you don’t need Babel

In 2020, frontend developers are still wasting a lot of time with excessive tooling. Babel is seen by some as a...
David Else
7 min read

Why you should use SWC (and not Babel)

In this post, we'll compare Babel and SWC based on setup, execution, and speed.
Kasra Khosravi
7 min read
Why You Don't Need Babel With Node.js

You don’t need Babel with Node

De-Babeling your Node app is easier than you might think.
Joel Griffith
7 min read

Switching to Parcel from webpack

Take a webpack configuration that handles Sass, Babel, and more with a Parcel setup.
Sunil Sandhu
5 min read

Configuring webpack from scratch for Tailwind CSS with React

Learn how to configure webpack from scratch for Tailwind CSS in React.
Ogundipe Samuel
5 min read