Ebenezer Don
Aug 26, 2020 ⋅ 9 min read

Building web apps with Rust using the Rocket framework

Ebenezer Don Full-stack software engineer with a passion for building meaningful products that ease the lives of users.

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7 Replies to "Building web apps with Rust using the Rocket framework"

  1. Hi, it’s a great post!!!
    Just a little typo after defining POST API.

    It should be
    .mount(“/api”, routes![hello, new_book])

  2. Thanks for this post! Being totally new to rust, also to command line stuff etc; how would I test the post to /book? I tried some things in the address bar, as well as some curl commands but can’t seem to understand.. Thanks!

  3. just in the begginning I see a flaw in your code: the json response is invalid since it can’t understand single quotes, so you should change it all in the response…
    it goes a little like this:
    \”status\”: \”success\”,
    \”message\”: \”Hello API!\”

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