Abiodun Solomon
Mar 5, 2021 ⋅ 4 min read

Rust internationalization, localization, and translation

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One Reply to "Rust internationalization, localization, and translation"

  1. Nice post! I’m glad this topic is getting some more publicity. Just a little shout out for some tools I’ve been developing to support localization in Rust https://github.com/kellpossible/cargo-i18n It is aimed both at libraries, providing an API for libraries to expose their localization capabilities, and end users localizing their binary projects and wanting to embed the localizations in the binary, and having the correct language detected and selected at runtime. There is support for fluent, and gettext at the moment. There is also a super handy macro to use with fluent projects to have your message keys checked at compile time. I plan to add support for more validations and any other localization system that has interest.

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