Nyior Clement
Jul 14, 2022 ⋅ 6 min read

Vue recursive components: Rendering nested comments

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One Reply to "Vue recursive components: Rendering nested comments"

  1. @Nyior Clement, great article: Vue recursive components: Rendering nested comments
    I have a question in regard of that. In my case, I am creating a component to render categories and subcategories. The recursive component fits very well, so, in our case, we can have multiple levels but do not want to render them in a tree-like structure. The goal is, that when the user clicks the top-level category, second-level category children will be open, and when the user clicks one of the second-level category items (row), the third row with a third-level category children will show up, and so on. Do you have a better approach to solving this challenge using native VueJs? maybe using render function inside the component? I am using vuejs 2.7 and found portal-vue to render the items in a different DOM outside the component, but it isn’t good enough. Maybe teleport for vuejs3 could work.
    Thanks in advance,

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