Alberto Gimeno
Nov 14, 2018 ⋅ 4 min read

Promise chaining is dead. Long live async/await

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4 Replies to "Promise chaining is dead. Long live async/await"

  1. awaits are actually converted back to yields, which in turn are converted to closures…so the garbage collector argument does not hold. Otherwise, great post, thanks!

  2. Nice article. But, if you have to replace Promise.all with an external library.. then Promise.all is not dead.

  3. How do we do this level of asynchronous task in await?:

    const result = await Promise.all([
    taskA.then(resultA => {
    return dependentOnTaskA(resultA)

    The point is that independentTask is one work flow, and task->dependentOnTaskA is another workflow. And hence, neither should be waiting on either.

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