Samson Omojola
May 21, 2021 ⋅ 5 min read

Laravel and Docker: A guide to using Laravel Sail

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4 Replies to "Laravel and Docker: A guide to using Laravel Sail"

  1. Not sure what I’m doing wrong, Docker is using WSL 2, Ubuntu image is on Windows, they should be connected, I run the first command but when I try to run cd new-sail-application && ./vendor/bin/sail up it says that the directory doesn’t exist, do I have to navitage to a different directory or it should just run without moving from where I am?

    Also, how do I remove the Laravel apps?

    On my Docker Desktop I see this image laravelsail/php80-composer but on containers I don’t see anything making reference to Laravel.


  2. Tried running Sail on a fresh install of Fedora with Docker Desktop for Linux. I was able to get everything installed but cannot get the app to run.

    “The stream or file “/var/www/html/storage/logs/laravel.log” could not be opened: failed to open stream: Permission denied”

    Searched high and low for a solution but nothing seems to work.

    Too complicated and fancy for old school. I though I would give Laravel a new look but moving on to something with fewer headaches.

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