Juan Cruz Martinez
Jan 14, 2022 ⋅ 12 min read

Integrating Firebase authentication into an Expo mobile app

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6 Replies to "Integrating Firebase authentication into an Expo mobile app"

  1. The firebase details are not private, they can be added to code without environment variables

  2. Hi thank you for your great tutorial. It really helped.
    Now I have encountered the issue with auto-login for once logged in user.
    I want to implement that when logged-in-before user starts the application, I want to immediately navigate them to Home screen instead of the sign-in screen. But reading all the documentation and watching tutorial videos, I still can’t figure out why it keeps loading onboarding screen. Even with console.log(user) from onAuthStateChanged method, it returns null. All other authentication functions are working fine. Will you give some guideline on this? How can I maintain user logged in and redirect them to home screen immediately?

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