Stephen Afam-Osemene
Jan 30, 2024 ⋅ 7 min read

Getting started with React Select

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4 Replies to "Getting started with React Select"

  1. How do you get the value out of react-select? I’ve set up a working react-select async component that pulls data from an external api and populates the component with the suggestions. That is working great. However, getting the value from the component is proving rather tricky…

    I have a ‘submit’ button that (when clicked on) pulls the stored data to be dynamically added to a table on another portion of my site. However, every time I click on the submit button, react-select automatically clears the stored input (in react state) and it comes back as an empty string. Soo frustrating!

    Wish you had covered this is your write up!

  2. Hi, maybe you have an example of how to use ‘react-select’ with server-side rendering? I’m trying to upgrade react (and other components) to the latest version, and everything works well except this ‘react-select’ component: when I use it with server-side rendering there is an error:

    ‘ReferenceError: window is not defined’

    Seems like I have some wrong configuration in webpack or something wrong in a component where I use ‘react-select’; I did some investigation and I found out that in my generated ‘server.js’ it uses code from ‘react-select-*.browser.*.js’, but probably it should use code ‘from react-select-*.prod.js’?

    Thanks in advance

  3. If your useEffect is updating your state, and your state var is in the useEffect [] array, the state update will trigger a rerender, and the rerender will update your state which will cause a rerender which … repeat endlessly. Take your state var out of your useEffect [] array. That should help.

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