Elijah Asaolu
Sep 18, 2023 ⋅ 8 min read

Exploring Astro and Svelte vs. SvelteKit: A comparative guide

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7 Replies to "Exploring Astro and Svelte vs. SvelteKit: A comparative guide"

  1. I am assuming there’s a typo error in the command given to install Tailwind CSS in Astro.

    …install Tailwind CSS by running the following command:

    npx astro add svelte
    # OR
    yarn astro add svelte

    I hope someone would notice my comment and fix this.

    1. It seems by legacy he means legacy as per work received by someone. For example if I just accepted to work in a software company, there is high probability that I would continue someone’s work. One might be some application that is already running, here I call it legacy.

  2. Hi, if you say to select for astro project you should consider you will not have the layout folder and file.

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