Joel Olawanle
Jan 11, 2022 ⋅ 5 min read

Deploy a React app for free using Vercel

Joel Olawanle Frontend developer and technical writer.

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6 Replies to "Deploy a React app for free using Vercel"

  1. There are a million services that do the same exact thing (Firebase, Heroku, Netlify, Surge, etc), but you make it sound like Vercel is doing something new and useful. I can’t tell if the author genuinely has no clue about the competitors or purposefully left out comparisons with other companies to avoid showing how far behind Vercel is.

    1. This was meant to be an article explaining how this could be done with vercel so as to help readers understand how it’s done easily. There was no need explaining how it’s done by other providers since that was not the goal of this article.

      I hope this clarifies why this article was only centered on vercel.

    2. I believe this post was more of a how-to guide than a comparative article; the writer handled the subject well, which is something I enjoy doing as a writer.

      So that readers get what they desire, get to the point.

      How-to articles are supposed to be goal-oriented, and this one was.

      To be honest, I enjoyed this piece. The fact that we can deploy right from the terminal is fantastic.

  2. Thank you for this awesome article that highlights deployment to vercel.

    I think I prefer deployment via terminal also since I don’t need to leave my IDE and since it generates static files.

    This is beginner friendly 😊

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