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Taofiq Aiyelabegan
Sep 26, 2022 ⋅ 8 min read

Creating and styling a modal bottom sheet in React Native

Taofiq Aiyelabegan Taofiq is a technical writer and software engineer working on building mobile and web applications. Additionally, he likes to contribute to open source projects and exploring new topics.

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2 Replies to "Creating and styling a modal bottom sheet in React Native"

  1. Hello Taofiq, great content. However, with regard to passing data to the bottom sheet modal, you kind of passed the props statically which will make it impossible to use the same bottom sheet modal component for another purpose. Personally, to make the bottom sheet modal reusable, I will pass the data as children.

  2. Hey David, Do you mean the ‘BottomSheetModal’ or the BottomSheetModalComponent’? And also, can you help with the sample of the statically passed data? Because if you were to reuse this BottomSheet Component in another place, you will have to pass the new data you want to render when the modal opens to the BottomSheetModalComponent

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