Abiodun Solomon
Dec 12, 2022 ⋅ 8 min read

Creating a single-page app with Laravel and Vue

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10 Replies to "Creating a single-page app with Laravel and Vue"

  1. where shoud this be placed?

    import {createRouter, createWebHistory} from ‘vue-router’;

    const router = createRouter({
    history: createWebHistory(),
    routes: [
    path: ‘/’,
    component: () => import(‘./pages/Login.vue’)
    path: ‘/register’,
    component: () => import(‘./pages/Register.vue’)
    path: ‘/home’,
    component: () => import(‘./pages/Home.vue’)

  2. I would like to use this Tutorial with XAMPP instead of NGINX. But I dont now how to run ‘npm run dev’ and ‘php artisan serve’ at the same time. is there any config I have to change in XAMPP? Also I dont know where to put the App.vue file in Laravel structure.

    1. It should be in the parent directory, generated by Laravel,

      Here’s it
      import { defineConfig } from ‘vite’;
      import laravel from ‘laravel-vite-plugin’;
      import vue from ‘@vitejs/plugin-vue’

      export default defineConfig({
      plugins: [
      input: [‘resources/css/app.css’, ‘resources/js/app.js’],
      refresh: true,
      Note: We can’t add all the code in the article 😉. But you can always refer to the source code here https://github.com/iamhabbeboy/laravel-vue-demo

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