Kingsley Ubah
Mar 29, 2023 ⋅ 8 min read

Building a simple login form with Node.js

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9 Replies to "Building a simple login form with Node.js"

  1. Excellent piece! There’s a little typo, though; under Registering the user, in the second line, you’ve written app.py instead of app.js
    Otherwise the walk-through is excellent

  2. I clone the repository in my WAMP folder and run project by [npm run start] it works! but whenever I go for /register route fill up the form and submit, terminal stop with crash report

    1. Change this code var result = db.query(‘SELECT email FROM users WHERE email = ?’, [email], async (error, res) => {
      var result = db.query(‘SELECT email FROM users WHERE email = ?’, [email], async (error, ress) => {

  3. hello sir, i think there is a mistake in your codes. It is the password!==confirm_password part. When we run this code, the else if part does not run. I didnt understand how can i fix it. Can you help me please

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