Omar Elhawary
Mar 3, 2023 ⋅ 9 min read

Building a full-stack TypeScript application with Turborepo

Omar Elhawary Frontend developer and Linux enthusiast interested in user/dev experience, software architecture, design systems, and functional programming

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One Reply to "Building a full-stack TypeScript application with Turborepo"

  1. Thank you for this cool article. I’m not that much familar with monorepos. I would highly use it, cause the type sharing between front and back would be a real benefit. The problem which I actually don’t know how to handle is the deployment. Doesn’t the frontend and backend need the types package which is not deployed on npm or another registry? I don’t want to publish a npm package for each of my projects just for sharing the types… so my questions is can this be handled with turborepo? Or is it automatically handled by it?

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