Vilva Athiban P B

  JavaScript developer. React, Node, GraphQL. Trying to make the web a better place to browse.


6 Stories by Vilva Athiban P B

Run animations in React and React Native from one codebase

Learn how to create animations for both React web and React Native mobile apps without rewriting the code with this tutorial.
1 7 min read

How to fix layout shifts to improve SEO in Next.js apps

By following these techniques, you can drastically reduce layout shifts in Next.js apps, which help maintain good SEO and UX.
0 4 min read

Exploring zones in Next.js

Next.js zones allow different developer teams to build and deploy parts of an app individually, then merge them into a single application.
0 2 min read

Optimized media loading using the Web Workers API

The Web Workers API shines in many scenarios, one of which is efficiently loading media into web apps.
1 5 min read

Client-side query customization in GraphQL

Client-side GraphQL query customization can come in handy when dealing with a large codebase and multiple teams.
0 4 min read

Common anti-patterns in GraphQL schema design

When building out a new GraphQL schema, be on the lookout for these common anti-patterns.
3 5 min read