Supun Kavinda I started as a self-taught PHP developer before creating my own company, Hyvor. I am particularly interested in physics and machine learning.


6 Stories by Supun Kavinda

Creating beautiful tooltips with only CSS

Want to create a tooltip without any HTML elements? This tutorial shows you how to create, animate, and position a tooltip using only CSS.
15 4 min read

Styling numbered lists with CSS counters

Ordered lists are a great way to make your app or website more consumable and appealing to the user's eye. Learn how to use...
4 4 min read

How to create fancy corners with CSS

Learn how to create all kinds of interesting corners — from simple rounded ones to snazzy, random designs — using nothing more than border-radius,...
3 3 min read

How to style forms with CSS: A beginner’s guide

Learn how to style your form input fields with CSS. The unique customizations and stunning designs you can implement with CSS are limited only...
6 6 min read

How to create randomly generated backgrounds with the CSS Paint API

Learn how to create randomly generated backgrounds and other dynamic images using Houdini's new CSS Paint API.
2 5 min read

The definitive guide to SCSS

SCSS is not your grandfather's CSS. The self-proclaimed "CSS with superpowers" offers a way to write styles for websites with more enhanced CSS syntax.
4 10 min read