Sneh Pandya

  Exploring the horizon with a knack for product management. Co-host of the NinjaTalks podcast and community organizer at Google Developers Group. Explorer, adventurer, traveler.


8 Stories by Sneh Pandya

Building forms with SwiftUI: A comprehensive guide

Learn to build forms with SwiftUI, a framework that allows developers to build user interfaces using declarative code.
0 9 min read

Introduction to Supernova: Design system for Flutter web apps

Learn about Supernova and how it's used in Flutter apps and get to grips with what you can do with it.
0 8 min read

A guide to using the Map interface in Kotlin

In this article, you will learn about the Map interface in Kotlin as well as its usage and association with coding examples.
0 4 min read

How to create simple and gradient borders in Flutter

Learn how to create interesting borders in Flutter that make widgets and containers stand out, as well as how to draw borders with gradients.
1 4 min read

Managing multi-channel notification streams with Notifire

Learn how Notifire can be used to effectively manage multi-channel notification streams and the benefits it can provide for user targeting.
0 7 min read

Methods for TypeScript runtime type checking

Explore five methods of performing TypeScript type checks at runtime in this post and learn each of their advantages and disadvantages.
3 9 min read

Data Binding in Android: A tutorial with examples

Learn how Android's Data Binding Library helps you take a more declarative approach to your UI components and app layout in this post.
0 7 min read

Performance improvements for mobile apps in Flutter

Dive deep with this article's seven recommendations for improving the performance of your Flutter mobile apps.
0 7 min read