Nirmalya Ghosh I'm a computer science engineer specializing in web design and development with an eye for detail. I have over three years of experience with React and also fiddle with Ruby on Rails and Elixir.


6 Stories by Nirmalya Ghosh

Building a Tailwind CSS table component

Style a table component using Tailwind CSS by using its utility classes, table borders, and the hover, focus, and active states.
0 9 min read

Getting started with Mock Service Worker

Mock Service Worker is an API mocking library that uses the Service Worker API to intercept actual requests.
1 7 min read

Functional user interfaces with Moon.js

Get a crash course on the basics of Moon.js, a tiny new library based on pure functions.
0 5 min read

JSX-driven components with Crank.js

Heavily inspired by React, Crank.js is a new, JSX-driven framework for creating components with functions, promises, and generators.
0 5 min read

Optimizing static pages in your Next.js apps with Prisma

You can further enhance data fetching in Next.js 9.3 by using Prisma. Learn how.
0 4 min read

Building a Product Hunt clone app using Hasura and Next.js

Learn how to conduct authentication and authorization using Hasura and how to leverage GraphQL to fetch and write data from a Next.js frontend application.
3 16 min read