Indermohan Singh

  JavaScript developer interested in Angular, RxJS, and Ionic framework.


6 Stories by Indermohan Singh

Building an app with Qwik

Explore the Qwik framework by creating a simple example app. Review the concept of hydration, learn why it slows down our apps, and see...
0 5 min read

What you need to know about the React useEvent Hook RFC

The useEvent Hook from React allows you to define an event handler with a function identity that is always stable.
2 4 min read

Intercepting JavaScript Fetch API requests and responses

Cover what JavaScript interceptors are and learn how to create interceptors both by monkey patching the Fetch API and using the fetch-intercept library.
3 4 min read

Automatically generate and release a changelog using Node.js

Automatically generate and release a changelog for your project using the Conventional Commits format, Commitizen, and commitlint.
4 6 min read

Inheritance with JavaScript prototypes

In this post, we will look at prototypes and how to use them for inheritance in JavaScript. We will also see how the prototypical...
0 6 min read

Reverse engineering Observable

TL;DR: In this article, we will reverse engineer Observable from the RxJS library. We will also re-create a couple of operators from the library...
0 6 min read