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7 Stories by Gbolahan Olagunju

Writing reusable end-to-end tests with TestCafe

Find out how to write end-to-end tests for your web applications using TestCafe on Node.js.
0 3 min read

Demystifying function and variable hoisting in JavaScript

Take a look at this overview of function declaration, function expression, and arrow functions in JavaScript.
2 2 min read

Pagination in GraphQL with Prisma the right way

Learn how to use pagination arguments in GraphQL with Prisma to more easily retrieve information from databases.
0 2 min read

A closer look at JavaScript closures, higher-order functions, and currying

This tutorial outlines the concepts behind closures, higher-order functions, and currying to offer insight into how popular JavaScript libraries implement functions such as the...
0 5 min read

Writing end-to-end tests for GraphQL servers using Jest

This guide walks you through end-to-end testing for GraphQL servers using Jest to ensure your applications work properly after changes.
1 5 min read

JWT authentication with Apollo Server 2: tips and tricks

This article teaches you to use JWT authentication to perform one of the most efficient and scalable methods for user authentication.
0 5 min read

New and potential ES2019 JavaScript features every developer should be excited about

Read about new ES2019 JavaScript features and learn how to enhance your experience as a developer and increase readability.
6 4 min read