Cristian Diaz Cristian is a frontend developer from Colombia. He enjoys writing about what he learns and is focusing his career on helping to make web content more accessible to everyone. His main areas of expertise are HTML, CSS, and web accessibility.


6 Stories by Cristian Diaz

OKLCH in CSS: Consistent, accessible color palettes

We demonstrate how to use the oklch() color model in CSS to create a variety of consistent, accessible color palettes.
0 15 min read

Fluid vs. responsive typography with CSS clamp

We discuss how to use modern CSS techniques to optimize fonts for different screen sizes and explore creating fluid typography scales.
0 8 min read

Design vs. accessibility and the CSS visually-hidden class

We look using the CSS visually-hidden utility class to make elements available to users of assistive technologies without impacting design.
0 12 min read

ARIA-live regions for JavaScript frameworks

We give available options for creating ARIA-live regions and demonstrate tools for creating ARIA-live regions in React, Angular, and Vue.js.
0 14 min read

Getting started with the CSS Custom Highlight API

Learn about features and performance of the CSS Custom Highlight API and some solutions it offers for usability and accessibility.
0 12 min read

Building accessible user interface tabs in JavaScript

Here's everything you need to know to create an accessible tabbed user interface, including building the HTML structure, adding CSS styling, and adding JavaScript...
1 19 min read