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  Software engineer. React, Node.js, Python, and other developer tools and libraries.


40 Stories by Alexander Nnakwue

Exploring structs and interfaces in Go

Learn about go's type system through the technical implementation of the struct and interface types in Go.
0 15 min read

Getting started with Node.js and MQTT

Learn how to use Node.js with MQTT, a longstanding pub/sub protocol and message broker that works even in places with limited bandwidth.
0 11 min read

How to transpile ES modules with webpack and Node.js

Learn how webpack interacts with and supports ES modules in this deep dive tutorial on transpilation in Node.js.
1 11 min read tutorial: A guide to Ethereum blockchain development with Python

Start your Web 3.0 journey with, a Python-based library that makes interacting with the Ethereum blockchain a breeze.
0 14 min read

TypeScript string enums, and when and how to use them

No matter how much you know about TypeScript enums, this guide covers all the best practices for using string-based enums in production.
2 10 min read

A deep dive into linting in Node.js

Take a deep dive into code linting Node.js, including why you should be using a linter and how they can help improve your code.
0 6 min read

Building a random number generator with JavaScript and Node.js

Improve the security of your Node.js apps with private keys or create useful gameplay features with this guide to random number generation.
0 6 min read

Going serverless with Node.js apps

Serverless applications offer many advantages over traditional hosting options. Here's how to get one running with Node.js.
1 10 min read

Nodemon tutorial: Automatically restart Node.js apps with Nodemon

The essential tutorial for Nodemon, a utility for Node.js applications that monitors for changes and automatically restarts the server.
0 8 min read

Getting started with Go for frontend developers

Learn why Go has been surging in popularity recently, and why it's worth a look from frontend devs looking to go full-stack.
1 8 min read

Using ES modules in Node.js

The module system in Node.js has come a long way from its earlier adoption of CommonJS.
4 13 min read

The top JavaScript data visualization libraries for 2021

Explore common data visualization libraries including: Highcharts, Toast UI Chart, D3.js, Recharts, and Chart.js to determine which will best improve the functionality of your...
3 7 min read