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Announcing the LogRocket Intercom integration

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Providing quick and intelligent assistance when users need help is a crucial part of your overall customer experience. In many cases, it can mean the difference between a happy user, and one who churns.

As a happy Intercom customer, we know first-hand how satisfied users are when they ask a question and have it answered in seconds by a member of our support team.

But when a user reports a technical problem like, “I couldn’t log in”, it can be tough to know if they actually experienced a bug or were merely confused. In these cases support agents ask for clarification, screenshots, and log dumps, but these questions waste time on both sides and degrade the overall support experience.

That’s why today we’re so excited to announce our integration with Intercom which helps you quickly understand user problems without needing to ask for clarification.

Here’s how it works:

When a user complains about a problem, a note is automatically added to the Intercom conversation by the LogRocket bot. Clicking this note takes you right into their LogRocket session, letting you play back exactly what they did leading up to the issue.

LogRocket’s video playback then shows you exactly what the user did and how the issue manifested itself. The video replays their entire session leading up to the issue, and also continues to show you their activity live as you walk them through a solution.

Along with each video, LogRocket includes high-level context on the user and details on their session. You can see information like which browser they were using, their IP address, and custom information from your app like what plan they have or what organization they’re in.

Technical Support (Tier 2)

Video is great for seeing your app through the eyes of the user, but sometimes, it’s unclear from video alone what was happening “under the hood”. It can be tricky to know if a user just doesn’t understand the UI, or has actually encountered a bug. By looking at the console and network logs from their session, you can easily make this distinction.

The log viewer lets you filter logs to show only warnings and errors. This shows you the errors that occurred in a user’s session while watching the video.

Similarly, the network activity viewer lets you filter for network errors. Here, by typing in “4” we can quickly see any 400 requests encountered by the user.


If you’re familiar with Intercom, you know it’s a fantastic tool for engaging with users and providing a highly personal support experience. By adding the LogRocket integration, you can quickly get context on any problems a user encountered in your app, and guide them toward a solution.

If you’re an existing LogRocket user, you can visit the integrations page in the dashboard to enable the Intercom Integration. Otherwise, to get started, visit

Ben Edelstein Founder @LogRocket, formerly @Google

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