Kenneth Ekandem
May 18, 2021 ⋅ 6 min read

Using Angular DataTables to build feature-rich tables

Kenneth Ekandem Software engineer with four years' experience in PHP and JavaScript. Currently working as a backend developer for Codekago Interactive.

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11 Replies to "Using Angular DataTables to build feature-rich tables"

  1. Very useful, Thank you.
    How can we customize the language, from english to french as example ?

  2. ERROR TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘ext’)
    I got this error in ngOnInit() at $.fn.dataTable.ext.search.push(…

  3. I use a default data as a test…then update de data and it draw properly…. but when I try to filter the data showed is the old data.. It seams that node update the html but not the DOM datatable so the filter follow working with the old data. it look like $().DataTable().rows().data is not updated with the new data…

  4. In Angular 14 and RXJS 7, had to feed this.dtTrigger.next(); the array that contains the response list from the API call, so : this.dtTrigger.next(this.reports); for me, replace this.reports with your custom array

  5. Buttons are not displaying for me.
    ngOnInit(): void {
    this.dtOptions = {


    …..table data……..

  6. Currently, this tutorial is not working. I did it exactly the way you explain it, but
    1- I don’t get the users.
    2- I get a lot of syntax errors.
    3- The table doesn’t even show any style, it just displays the name of the columns.

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