Paige Niedringhaus
Jul 15, 2019 ⋅ 6 min read

Node.js 12: The future of server-side JavaScript

Paige Niedringhaus Digital marketer turned fullstack software engineer. JavaScript is my language of choice, but I enjoy learning new things in new languages.

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7 Replies to "Node.js 12: The future of server-side JavaScript"

  1. Clarification towards the end… Node is *NOT* single-threaded. The main JS runs in an event loop on a single thread. Async I/O (and often other compiled modules) run within a thread pool. Node doesn’t run server and browser, but the code can run on both.

    1. Clarification, not all async events are using thread pool, many of them use low level underlying OS functionality, but not separate thread polling. Http module is the best example.

  2. Also, node doesn’t have to “produce dynamic web content”. It does any type of server-side (or even command line) work. It can power a websocket server, PDF export service, host an event/message system or do any other work not related to rendering web pages.

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