LogRocket React Meetup: React vs. Next.js

Join us on December 14th at 2 p.m. EDT for a deep dive into React vs. Next.js. In this talk Andrew Evans will present Next.js and how it fits into the React ecosystem. He will also share how he migrated his personal blog over to Next.js and his overall experience. The talk will conclude with a high level review of pros and cons, and the outlook for the future.

Inspired by this this recent post, together we’ll explore:

  • What is Next.js and how does it fit into the React ecosystem?
  • Built in features of Next.js vs. building them with React
  • How I migrated my blog from WordPress to Next.js
  • Review of pros and cons and future outlook


Andrew Evans
Andrew is a manager at CapTech Consulting, and has over 10 years of industry experience. He loves all things technical, and writes on what he learns. You can follow him on rhythmandbinary.com and andrewevans.dev. He also writes for several other publications, and frequently works on open source projects.

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Dec 14th | 2p.m. EDT

Recording to be sent afterwards