Souvik Biswas
Sep 16, 2021 ⋅ 15 min read

Flutter camera plugin: A deep dive with examples

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13 Replies to "Flutter camera plugin: A deep dive with examples"

  1. there is a tiny typo, it should be path_provider instead of pathprovider in the pubspec.yaml file. a little bit confusing for a beginner like me

  2. anyone had a problem with video previews?
    It tells me “Null check operator used on a null value”
    _imagefile is null when it’s not supposed be
    anyone has any idea how to fix this?
    and thank you in advance

  3. Hi just tested, almost works brilliantly. The app is not at all happy on high res video (crashes). If you revert to low res it does record, but does not save the video (it displays as a black box with a cross through it, although the thumbnail is playing the video so it is saved somehwere!!. The image part seems to be fine. Does the app need updating? The app is exactly what I need so if you have a few moments to re-test your code with a later version of dart/flutter, that would so great.

  4. When we try to preview the video it displays as a black box with a cross through it, . The image part seems to be fine. how we can solve this .? please answer

  5. great content! i am trying to overlay a timer to de camera preview, but i want that timer text to be recorded on the video too, there is any way to do it?

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