Ashley Davis
Oct 25, 2022 ⋅ 13 min read

Creating separate monorepo CI/CD pipelines with GitHub Actions

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3 Replies to "Creating separate monorepo CI/CD pipelines with GitHub Actions"

  1. Hi. Tks for this article. I always have a big question about this Workflow.

    What happen if I merge into main a super feture which work and run perfectly on PR/MR but when run on main there was a small error in a yml file or some missconfiguring file? The code was already merged but no one of the changes was deployed. So I fix the yml but non of the paths defined in change/rules where touched then nothing will de deployed… We cann’t just re run the last failed pipeline because it always checked out agains the old commit..

    There is no way to run the same projects that failed unless I touch some files (with empty spaces or enter or whatever change). This is ugly for me.

    One idea came up, what if I always build all projects on main but when deploy the docker images that hasn’t changed won’t be deployed

    Any ideas? Thanks

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