Nikola Đuza
Aug 14, 2020 ⋅ 13 min read

Creating a Gatsby blog from scratch

Nikola Đuza Nikola is an engineer and a writer who lives and works in Novi Sad, spreading knowledge to folks through blogging and talking. He likes to build awesome things with mostly JavaScript and Ruby. You can find out more about him on pragmaticpineapple.com.

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7 Replies to "Creating a Gatsby blog from scratch"

  1. Great blog post. In the GraphQL at the bottom, you forgot to include the “date” field in the frontmatter.

  2. great article, small edit though, on src/pages/blog.js the h2 tag needs curly brackets i.e. {post.frontmatter.title}

  3. Sorry it did not work.
    The error says “Multiple “root” queries found: “MyQuery” and “MyQuery”.”
    Seems the query name is conflicting between pages/blog.js and pages/index.js.
    Why does it happen?

  4. Hey, Heyo, sorry it didn’t work.

    The reason why build fails when there are two queries with the same name is because Gatsby extracts all queries and compiles them. So when there are two queries with the name – they will clash and an error will be thrown. There’s more information here https://www.gatsbyjs.com/docs/query-extraction/.

    If you take a look, we name the query inside pages/index.js as MetadataQuery and the one in pages/blog.js is MyQuery so they don’t clash.

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