Fred Schott
Sep 5, 2019 ⋅ 7 min read

Building without bundling: How to do more with less

Fred Schott Building @pikapkg. Previously: Ripple, Google, Box. Always bet on the web.

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4 Replies to "Building without bundling: How to do more with less"

  1. The package is now called snowpack and is nothing like the stuff you mentioned in the article. It now builds your code too, like webpack, has a built in devserver and it is far from lightweight, since upon installing it will add 209 packages to your node_modules folder. There is a create-snowpack-app and a snowpack.config.json

    This have esentially became another webpack. If your goal is to not have to transform any of my js files I would say that this is not the tool you are looking for. If it would do what the article said and only remain at transforming node_modules to web_modules, then it would be perfect.

  2. I forgot about this article! You’re right, `@pika/web` is now Snowpack and is focused more on helping you build & develop your entire website (not just your dependencies). But, if you want the functionality described in this article `snowpack install` is still the same command as the original `@pika/web`.

  3. I’ve followed your guide, all went Ok except for serve not having any hot reload feature. The package description page doesn’t mention it at all. I keep asking myself since started to learn some web modern development, and with several years of C/C++ experience on the back: ¿Why is all this shit trumpeted as the 21th century miracle? Broken functionality everywhere, all the time. Have any superstar web programmer ever touched an ANSI C compiler? Can web people embrace the philosophy of a lasting and working piece of software?

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