Sarah Chima Atuonwu I am a Fullstack software developer that is passionate about building products that make lives better. I also love sharing what I know with others in simple and easy-to-understand articles.


3 Stories by Sarah Chima Atuonwu

CI/CD in Node.js with GitHub Actions

See how you can use GitHub Actions to set easily up a CI/CD pipeline to your Node.js project, then deploy it to Heroku.
0 10 min read

What’s new with JSON in PostgreSQL v14

PostgreSQL v14 makes accessing and updating JSON data with subscripting possible. See it in action and learn what the update entails.
1 5 min read

Native CSS nesting: What you need to know

Native CSS will support CSS nesting. What will that look like? What are its advantages? Learn more about native CSS nesting in this post.
4 5 min read